Summit Venture Studio (SVS)

Generating ROI for Investors and Society

Summit Venture Studio is a Venture Studio designed to generate outsized ROI for investors and society by rapidly building, scaling, and exiting startups framed around university-developed software technology.

Summit Venture Studio

What We Do

Money being poured into university system with little ROI for society.

The Problem

Annual Grant Funding for Technology R&D
$ 0 +

Every year, universities receive billions of dollars in grant funding for technology research and development. 

Yet, over 90% of this innovative technology remains trapped in bureaucratic limbo and behind University red tape, failing to benefit society.

But Summit Venture Studio is here to solve this problem.

The SVS Solution

Summit Venture Studio is a venture studio that’s uniquely dedicated to transforming university-developed and grant-funded software technology into flourishing startups that can create value for society and our investors.   

Summit Venture Studio creates start ups with grant funded university tech
Tech start ups benefit University partners, investors, and society.

The SVS Model

Our national network of partnerships with University Tech-Transfer Offices grants us access to an exclusive pool of innovative and under-leveraged software technologies. 

Harnessing SVS’s proprietary investment and startup acceleration model, we take these nascent software technologies and unlock their previously trapped value to benefit our university partners, investors, and society.

The Results

The result of SVS’s work?

Exceptional ROI for our investors by unlocking under-leveraged technological value and innovation while making a positive impact in the world.

The results
SVS Model


Innovative Investment and Startup Acceleration Model.

At SVS, we source deals directly from university tech transfer offices. Our Discovery analysts perform a rigorous and proprietary vetting process to assess the market and investment viability of the technologies.

After licensing high-opportunity technologies from university tech transfer offices, we further develop and prepare the technology for commercialization while crafting customer-focused market and sales development initiatives. 

Each portfolio company is led by a president who leads go-to-market strategies and execution with the support of our in-house marketing, sales, legal, finance, and product teams.

The objective of the Develop stage is to rapidly achieve “0 to 1” with the product, customers, and revenue, laying the groundwork for future growth while validating the technology in-market.

During the Deploy phase, SVS builds on the early traction achieved in the Develop phase, collaborating with experienced industry partners to expedite scalable and sustainable business growth.

And because SVS specializes in accelerating early traction and sustainable growth with our value-added services, our companies aim for acquisition years ahead of typical VC firms.

We aim to build, scale, and exit companies in a matter of years, not decades.

SVS Opportunities

Opportunities for Investors, University Partners, and Entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Deal-Flow

Find investment opportunities at SVS you won’t see anywhere else. Universities hold a host of untapped technologies, spending millions on tech development, with no clear path to market.

Outsized Economics

SVS provides investors 2-3x more ownership of a typical early stage investment, allowing our investors to maximize returns on their investments from liquidity events.

Accelerate GTM

SVS accelerates the "0 to 1" of go-to-market by investing in university developed tech, with internal marketing, sales, and product teams ready to help portcos kick-start deployment from day one.

Entrepreneurs Wanted

Are you an entrepreneur in need of an idea and resources? SVS is the perfect place for you. “Founders by hire” lead our portfolio companies with the support of SVS resources.

“With hundreds of millions of dollars of research funding going to SVS’s university partners to generate new ideas and solutions, there is a giant unmet need to help get these technology advancements to market. We have chosen to focus our efforts on doing this for the software created by cutting edge researchers.”

Taylor Bench
Managing Partner, Summit Venture Studio

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